Many of them think that the beauty of a person depends on our face. So peoples are using a lot of face creams available in the markets. Most important thing is face cream is available for both boys and girls. Because, nowadays, boys also showing more interest in beauty. Since the face cream will make our skin look very bright instantly. Likewise, the artificial face creams for men and women will damage our skin severely. So, this is the article which describes how to make homemade face cream.

Homemade face cream:

The face is the most sensitive region in our body. Homemade (Natural) face cream is the best solutions for making our skin glow without any side effects. Now we can discuss the topic making of homemade face creams. Making of face cream for men and as well as women in our home is very simple.

  1. Try Gram Flour:

Gram flour is easily available in all our kitchens. It is a natural product used for making of natural face cream.

Steps to follow:

Step 1: Take two tablespoons of gram flour, few drops of lemon, and add rose water as per the requirement. Thoroughly mix the content to make a fine paste, and leave it for two to three minutes.

Step 2: Before applying this paste to the face, clean the face thoroughly with cold water. It will open the small (minute) pores in our face. After that, dry our face with a soft cloth (don’t rub the face hardly).

Step 3: Then apply the paste to our face eventually and leave it for twenty to thirty minutes. And then wash the face with cold water, no need to use soap or face wash. Our face cream is a natural agent for cleansing our face naturally. Using this product for two days per week will brighten our skin and looks younger.

  1. Try Multani-miiti:

Multani-miiti is the best face cream for men and women and it is suitable for all types of skin tones and without causing any side effects. It is a natural source of soil and is easily available in shops and its cost is comparatively low. This powder will look like very soft.

Steps to follow:

Step 1: Take three tablespoons of Multani-miiti and mix with rose water to make a thick paste.

Step 2: Apply it to the clean face and leave it for half hours. While using this mixture, our face will feel like very dry and need to wash the same.

This is due to our atmospheric air will easily absorb the moisture from the face cream. At that mean time, we may sprinkle some rose water to keep the face wet. It will increase the efficiency of the face cream.


Using of this face cream in night times will show better results and also it helps to avoid exposure of our face to direct sunlight in order to prevent skin damage. Because after using the face cream, our face will be softer and more sensitive than before.

Some peoples feel that applying sandal to face will effect in aging of our skin. Not like that, take sandal powder and mix water, turmeric powder to form a thin paste. Apply this cream to the face and leave it over the night to make your skin younger and glow.